Our Cafe's Zinc Tables

From our recent cafe opening until now, there is one question we keep getting from our customers.

“Where did you get those tables?” 

Our response? 

Bastille Metal Works. 

A company that specializes in custom cast zinc and pewter countertops, Bastille Metal Works transforms “traditional metal into a new art form”.

Our zinc tables had quite the process. Bastille’s architectural team worked with us to hand-choose the edge, profile, metal, and finish of the table. Then, the artisans completed the project and created our design by hand. 

We decided on zinc for our cafe tables. Why zinc and not aluminum or steel? 

Zinc is a fascinating material. It is a living alloy and natural part of the Earth’s crust, responding easily to its environment. According to Bastille Metal Works, “zinc goes through a natural oxidation process and forms a unique tarnish with age called patina.”

Our tables have a unique metallic look from the blend of the rich brown-grey shades from patina and the blue-grey hues of zinc. 

We love how our tables feel to the touch. Zinc is a warmer material, assimilating easily to the surrounding temperature. Its softness is more inviting to the touch than its cold steel or aluminum counterparts. Come touch our tables, you’ll see what we mean.

Zinc tables are not new to the cafe scene. Tables made from zinc were originally used in Parisian Bistros and is a centuries-old French craft. 

In our cafe, we have paired their unique, contemporary look with wooden bar stools and brightly painted orange wooden chairs to give a playful look, a perfect balance with the industrial-looking zinc. Our tablemats have metallic hues as well, highlighting the zinc and patina hues. 


by Amanda