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Event Planning in Los Angeles

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At LA Spice Catering, we create full-service adventures! Drawing on ideas that we seek out from all over the world and just around the corner, we create a special blend of cuisine, atmosphere, décor . . . and more! As one of the most popular event planners in Los Angeles, we present gatherings that are unique, impressive, and welcoming.

When it comes to food catering in Los Angeles, our menus capture the rich flavors of the city’s vibrant cultures and culinary styles. Our designs embrace a world of whimsy, festivity, and fun. Whether celebrating time-honored tradition and heritage or setting bold new trends, the taste and look of your event will reflect all that makes California great.

Add as much or as little LA Spice as you like. It might be the dash of heat that we bring to appetizers, like our special tray-passed Scallops Benedict served on an edible spoon. Or, it might be a sumptuous local feast, like our popular farmer’s market display and buffet complete with vegetable garden. We’ve also had fun creating eclectic menus from faraway places, producing such imaginative tastes as Portuguese-style chorizo with an Amazonian twist.

Surprise and delight your guests. Whether you’d enjoy an event for 10 or 10,000, our expert chefs, planners, and designers are here to make it happen. From the perfectly informal to the formally perfect, we can present just the right table settings, floral arrangements, and menu. We’ll happily work with your designer, too, if you prefer—our goal is your delight.

Our services include:

  • Five-star off-premise catering
  • Designing and decorating—from tabletop to total event space
  • • Recommending and arranging entertainment, rentals, lighting, flowers, specialty décor, audio-visual equipment, valet and more
  • • Providing and managing staff on site
  • • Providing an all-around wonderful experience for you and your guests

Social Responsibility

At LA Spice, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality ingredients. Whenever possible, we source local, fresh, organic ingredients, including the most environmentally sustainable meat and seafood. We also supply, set up and manage recycling for your event, including biodegradable products. We also donate leftover food to charitable organizations when appropriate. We share your commitment to keeping California green by protecting our beautiful environment.