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Spice. It’s what we reach for when we want to add flavor to our food. It’s what we add to our lives when we need a little (or a lot) of excitement. Which is why reaching for LA Spice, named Best Catering Company, Los Angeles, by the readers of The Daily News, solves both desires.

At LA Spice, our name reflects our philosophy that food and life are better with a shake of hot design or a sweet get together. It’s the kind of spicy rush you get when you throw a catered dinner party for friends, a wedding for your daughter or a party that celebrates everything or nothing in particular!

In this city abundant with culture, you’ve found the Spice of LA right here! We are passionate about catering and designing special events that are focused on fantastic food, but that are well seasoned from the invitation to the décor to the entertainment and balanced with a heaping amount of fun.

Under the direction of LeAnne Schwartz, LA Spice is more than another Los Angeles catering company. As you can see from this web site, it’s a place where you can come to get great ideas in special event design, party menu planning, event entertainment, and more. Our goal is to help you to become the best host or hostess you can be, to make you aware of the many options in food, wine and design available today, and ultimately, to be part of your life as together we produce the perfect event and meet all your objectives.

So reach for that shaker of LA Spice when you want a catered special event that is fresh, personal and very, very tasty. And don’t get hung up on which fork to use — just have fun and celebrate!

LeAnne Schwartz

I listen … a lot. That’s because, after years of producing events, the best ones are those that truly reflect you, that involve your guests in the planning and during the party, and meet all your goals, whether personal or professional, for the event.

I listen. I hear you when you tell me how much you love your father and want to throw him the best birthday party. Or how much this event means to your corporate morale or the future business you are going to get from it. Or that you’ve always wanted a Harley Davidson themed event. Our wish is to create your desire!

I listen. And I take everything you say to heart. I also take it back to my staff. Together we create a menu, a look, a vibe that reflects those details you mentioned — the fact that your CEO likes to surf, or that your new daughter-in-law is vegan. It all goes into what we plan for you.

As much as I listen, I also like to chat! Because first and foremost I want to connect with you; to let you know who you are working with. You will learn that I love to travel. I love LA. I love the spice of life. And you will see that all of this goes into what I think is a recipe for success — an event that is interactive, that involves you and your guests and transforms an impersonal corporate venue into a warm environment or your backyard into a 5-star restaurant for one night.

And the last thing I listen for is the sentence that tells me my job is done – that this was the best event ever! And happily, I hear this a lot!



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