Happy National IPA Day!

August 1 is National IPA Day!

What is your take on India Pale Ale beers?

According to the official site for IPA Beer, it’s name does not come from its origin, but rather its history. The first mention of  IPA’s existence was through supplier George Hodgson, who sold his IPA beer primarily to  British troops working for the  East India Trading Company in India in the beginning of the 1800s, hence it’s name.

The beer is golden in color and bitter in taste. IPAs have a high concentration of hops, aiding their bitter (and some say aquired) taste.

Because of its bitter taste,  we recommend pairing the beer with rich, spicy, and meaty flavors, such as  our LA Spice Signature Sandwich, House Ground 8oz All Beef Burger, Open Face Pulled Pork Sandwich, and our Ariba Chilaquiles (if you feel bold enough to have beer with breakfast!).



So what IPA beers do we offer at LA Spice Cafe?

We serve Clown Shoes Muffin Top IPA, a Beligan Tripel-styled beer, and a Uinta Brewing Hop Notch IPA. Stay tuned for more info on these fantastic beers!





by Amanda