What's it like feeding 700 potential astronauts in the Mojave Desert?

Event Planning Los Angeles LA Spice in the Mojave Desert

Yesterday’s event might just change the future in travel.

And we were lucky enough to cater it

The  “Your Flight DNA” event took place at the Virgin Galactic Hangar at the Mojave Air and Space Port. Richard Branson shared his space travel enterprise with 680 guests, or shall we say, potential future astronauts. 

Guests heard Branson, pilots, and the original visionaries speak about this exciting progress in out-of-this-world travel as they marveled at the Space Ship Two and White Knight Two , the crafts that plan to be the universe’s  first commercial airline. 

We all truly enjoyed our “behind the hangar” experience. 

Of course, inside of the hangar where the event took place was top secret, so we are unable to share that experience with you through photos. However, here are some behind the scenes photos. 


Event Planning Los Angeles LA Spice in the Mojave Desert

The Event Location: The Mojave Air and Space Port

Tent Structures for Catering LA Spice Los Angeles

This 2,000 pound cylinder block held our catering tent down amidst the intense desert wind!

Event Planners Los Angeles LA Spice in Mojave Desert

The beautiful Mojave

Event Planners Los Angeles

The Assembly Line!

Event Planning Los Angeles
Heirloom Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Pasta Salad with Farfalla Pasta, Arugula, Fresh Basil, Balsamic Vinaigrette  
Wedding Catering Los Angeles

Salmon with Purple Mustard Sauce with a Summer Vegetable Succotash

Event Planning Los Angeles LA Spice

Servers Spencer and Chase showing off their VIP Event Staff Lanyards

Event Planners Los Angeles Virgin Galactic space ship

This guy, Space Ship Two, is responsible for taking guests out of this world!

Corporate Caterers Los Angeles Virgin Galactic aircraft

Space Ship Two


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Corporate Lunch Meeting Done Right.

 How does a caterer help a client meet their goals for a corporate lunch meeting? 


The key to catering a corporate event is to meet the goals of the corporate client while showcasing the company’s essence and personality.
As event planners we must find creative solutions in illustrating the client’s message and image.

 We helped an aerospace manufacturing company host a luncheon for the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). The President and CEO of NAM spoke about creating a positive future for manufacturing in the US. 



 This event is a perfect example of the corporate process.

 In order to make this luncheon a success, we started with the goals of the client. 

Client’s Goals: 
1. Create connections among guests and their company
2. Highlight the ircompany and manufacturing in America and in general
3.  Gain membership for National Association of Manufacturers
How did we help the client meet these goals?

Goal 1. How did we help create connections among guests and company?

Surprisingly, choosing the menu and layout of the lunch was important in fulfilling this goal.
We chose a buffet line so people could continue conversation with others while getting their food. The client did not want any food that was messy to eat order for the guests to easily continue communicating with others, so they chose kebabs, a cut-free entree.  



We placed the bar at the beginning of the hall at the entrance so people could immediately get a drink when they walked in the door. In order to get to the buffet line and lunchroom, they had to walk down a long hallway. The space between the bar and buffet gave room for the guests to mingle and make connections with one another. 

Goal 2. How did we highlight the company and manufacturing in America?

Between the bar entrance and lunch room, was a long empty hallway. With the help of the client’s staff, we created an “art gallery”, showcasing the clients’ manufacturing parts, displaying them on pedestals and labeling them with the clients’ catchy titles.  

 The client framed posters that beautifully depicted manufacturing in action, including vintage aerospace and manufacturing posters.

Also displayed were photos of the company’s history, an addition that enables the guests to learn more about the client and manufacturing.


Even our table set design embodied the company.
 We represented the blue grey hues of metals in manufacturing with nova slate blue linens and the metallic silver pots holding our floral centerpieces.The purples in the floral arrangements meshed beautifully with the blue linens.

We also showcased manufacturing’s capability with our centerpieces.  


A company welder made dragons out of manufacturing parts for centerpieces to match the “Slay the Dragon” discussion theme. The dragons were an example of manufacturing resourcefulness and showed just how creative the employees in the manufacturing field can be. This was a key component at the event that not only showed the personality of the company, but also connected to the goal of the corporate luncheon: to illustrate manufacturing at its finest.

After lunch and the discussion, the event ended with tours where guests were able to view the property and learn more about the company.

Goal 3. How did we help gain membership for NAM?

The layout of the luncheon was key in helping gain membership for NAM. We wanted guests to easily listen and follow the guest speaker.  At the front of the room, we placed a wood podium and wireless mic for the speaker and two LCD monitors to show the speaker’s slideshows and video clipsThis ensured the luncheon’s message was conveyed to both audio and visual learners.

In the planning of a corporate meting, it is an added touch to make sure that no one’s back is facing the speaker. While setting up, we placed all the chairs at the tables to face the speaker, so that guests could comfortably listen and take notes during the presentation. 




Remember, a Los Angeles event planner isn’t someone who just provides food for an event. Caterers work with the client and makes his or her vision a reality. Meeting the goals of the client is key in making a corporate luncheon successful.